Aunt Madeline's Pictures Added 07/01/2007

Joe, Marie, John, Grace, Daniel, ChiChi, Mom, Junior, Baby Johnny, Madeline

Dad, Daniel, Mom, Junior

Joe and Daniel

Marie, John, Aunt Millie, Daniel, Madeline

ChiChi, Ethel, Fannie, Madeline, John D.

Ethel, Chichi, Fannie, Madeline, John D.

ChiChi, Ethel, Madeline, ?, ?, ?, John D.

Aunt Madeline and Johnny

Aunt Rose, Cousin Grace, Madeline


Uncle Dom (Mom's Brother)

Jackie and Cousin Grace

Madeline, Cousin Grace, Cousin Ann

Madeline, ?, Mom

Cousin Grace, Jackie, Madeline

My Brother John

Madeline and Brother John

Mom and Madeline

Uncle Rocky and Philip

?, Chichi, ?, Junior, Madeline, ?


Madeline, ?, Mom, ? Jimmy Palmer

Greek friend Mary and Madeline

John and Grace



Madeline, Bobby, Ann, Anne, Dom

Ann, Madeline, Anne

John, Neil, Sal

Neil and Terry

John, Terry, Sal

Sal, Terry, Madeline

Aunt Millie and Graziella

Joe and Terry

Terry, Madeline, Daniel

Uncle Rocky, Philip, Aunt Millie, Graziella

Philip, Aunt Millie, Graziella

Ann, Anne, Madeline

John, Irene, Darline, Nick

Jerry, Ann, Charlie, Philip and Daniel

Aunt Millie and Graziella

Joey, John, Jimmy (Arizona), Graziella, Marie, Philip

Aunt Rose, Mom, Aunt Millie

Aunt Rose in Spain

Bobby, Madeline, Ann, Dom, Anne

Ann and Madeline

Robert, Ann, Nick, Johnny

Aunt Rose and Madeline

Ann and Madeline

Philip and Wife

Sandy, Ann, Madeline, Grace

Mom, Grace, Madeline, John, Daniel, Aunt Millie, Joe, Ann, Jackie, Charle, Jerry, Bobby

Bobby, Ann, Madeline, John D.

Bobby, Ann, Madeline

Bobby, Ann, Madeline

Dom, Anne, Madeline, Ann, Bobby

Ann and Bobby

Johnny, Grace, John, Patrick