Uncle Danny's Pictures Added 10/01/2006

Mia, Aunt Sandy, Danielle, and Raymond - 2005

JoJo, Chi Chi, Daniel, and John

Grandma and Friend

Uncle Danny and Frankie

Patrick, Danny, Darlene and Nick

Uncle Danny, Danny, and Frankie

Aunt Sandy, Johnny, and Aunt Grace

Aunt Sandy, Uncle Danny, Danny, Aunt Ethel, and Uncle Chi Chi

Sandy, Sophie, and Tessie

Chi Chi, Sandy, Ethel, and Danny

Grandma and Danny

Junior and Linda

Uncle Joe

Grandma and Graziella - 1990

Sandy, Graziella, and Grace

Bobby, John, Graziella, Grace, Sandy, Patrick, Danny, Grandma, Pat, Madeline, Joe, Ann, and Danny

Sandy and Danny

Chi Chi, Daniel, and John

Danny and Sandy

Grandpa and Family

Aunt Sandy

Chi Chi

Joe, Daniel, and Chi Chi

John, ?, Daniel, Chi Chi, and Joe

Uncle Chi Chi, Frankie, Aunt Ethel, and Geraldine

Danny, Donna, John, Patrick and Grace

Graziella, Danny, Patrick, John and Tessie - 1986

Grace and Pat

Vic and Tessie

Chi Chi

Uncle Danny's car and friends

Old Gang

Jo Jo and Daniel

Danny and Cousins

Uncle Danny, Aunt Sandy, and Danny

Grandma and Graziella


Gene Lynch, Barney Creagh, and Patsy Fitapelli - 12/23/1948

Uncle Joe and kids

Ann, Daniel, and Junior

Aunt Grace, Uncle John, Patrick, and John

Sandy and Danny

Danny, Patrick and John

Daniel's friend "Pet"

Sandy and Danny

Grace and John's Wedding

Tessie, Sandy, and Grace

John D. and friends

Cousin Mike and Cousin Joe

Daniel's first car

Aunt Lou, Madeline, Ann, Marie, and Grandma

Grace and John

John and Grace

Aunt Sandy and Danny


Tommy, Sandy, and Daniel


Tommy and Sandy

Tommy Hall

Jo Jo and Sandy

Tommy, ?, and Daniel

Daniel, Sandy, Chubby, and Paul

Sandy, Lilly, Andy, an Daniel

Grandpa and Danny - 1961


Chi Chi and Ethel

Grandma and Grandpa


Grandma and Grandpa

Danny and Sandy

Madeline, John, Daniel, Joe, Chi Chi, Grandma, and Ann

Grandma and Grandpa's 50th Anniversary

Daniel, Grandma, Grandpa, and John

Grandma and Grandpa's 50th Anniversary

Sandy and Danny

Cousin Jimmy and Danny

Danny, Patrick and John

Grandma and Graziella

Louie Ferri and Danny Fitapelli

Jo Jo and Danny

Grandpa and Danny

Uncle Junior and Chi Chi

Graziella and Cousin Antoinette - 1980

Pat, Patrick, Johnny, John, Grandpa, Danny and Daniel

Johnny, Grandpa, Patrick, and Daniel - 1959

John and Grace