Uncle Johnny's Pictures Added 04/10/2007

John Jr, John, and Patrick

Grace and Graziella

John and Grace

Dan, Don, Jimmy, John, Leo

?, Grandma, Sandy, and Grace

John and Grandma

Vic, John, and Hector

John and Children

Brianna and Dad

Tessie, John, Ann

Grandpa and Brianna


Grandpa, Pat, Brianna


The Boys

JoJo and Brianna

John, Graziella, John jr, atrick, Brianna

Graziella, Tessie, ....

Joe and Family

John, Madeline, Dan, JoJo, ChiChi, Ann

John and Jr

Aggie and John

Philip and Jr


John, JoJo, Dan

Jr and John

Tom Hall and Cousin Jim

Grandma and JoJo

Minerva Girls and Mom


Florence, Tessie, and Sandy


Florence, Antoinette, and Sal

John and the Boys


Aggie and Vic


Aunt Millie and Aunt Lou

John and Pat

Vic and ChiChi

Grace's Engagement


Clead Pool Camp

The Boys

Rose Marie, Gutha, Sandy, Sofia, Grace, Florance


Ira the Chef at P & J Steakhouse

Boys Club Baseball Team

Jr and Dan

John, Dan, Sandy

Brittany, Brianna, Bianca

Brianna and Grandpa

Mary Lou, Brittany, Bianca, Brianna, Chris

Chris, Brianna, Brittany, Bianca

Brianna, Brittany, Bianca

Chris, Courtney, Stephanie, Donna, Brianna, Brittany, Bianca

Madeline and Brianna

Mary Lou and Brianna

Sandy, Brianna, Dan

Chris, Bianca, Brittany, Brianna

Chris, Bianca, Brianna, Brittany

Brittany, Brianna, Bianca, Patrick

Chris, Bianca, Brittany, Brianna

Brittany, Bianca, Brianna

Brianna and Dad

Mary Lou and Brianna

John and ?

John and Anthony

Dan, Anthony, Sandy

Brianna and Grandpa

John Jr, John, Patrick

Tessie, John, Ann


Grace, Sandy, Tessie


Sandy, Danny Dan

Dan, Danny, Patrick, John Jr, John, Anthony


P & J Steakhouse

ChiChi, JoJo, John, Grandpa, Ann, Dan, Grandma

Grandma and Graziella

Warwick Motel - night

Warwick Motel - winter

Mary Lou, John, John Jr, Patrick


John and Jr

Grandma, Dan and John Jr



Jr, John, Dan

29th Street Guys

Zorro and Dan

Grace, Graziella, Tessie